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Huntsville Alabama Real Estate

Huntsville Alabama Real Estate

Hello from Huntsville Alabama!  If you are a buyer looking for homes for sale in Huntsville Alabama or a resident of the Huntsville area thinking about selling your home, you have come to the right place. Huntsville REALTOR®, Carol Jacobs, is ready to help you with whatever your Huntsville real estate needs may be.

Carol has 25 years of experience working with home buyers and sellers in the Huntsville real estate market.  She has helped many people relocate to and from Huntsville; Carol now wants to serve you.

Huntsville is “America’s Space Capital.”  The center of one of the fastest growing regions in the South, Huntsville is home to the famous U.S. Space and Rocket Center, among other attractions.  Be sure to check out the Community page to learn more about these attractions.  

Whether you are selling your home or looking to buy a home, Carol can help you accomplish your goals.  Let her be your real estate partner.  Call today!  Carol wants to speak with you about real estate in Huntsville.

Updated: You can now search through Waterfront homes on the market as well as previously searchable Luxury homes.  Go ahead and take a spin. You can also narrow your searches by location, price range and bedrooms.

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If you want helpful hints, tips, news, and more, make sure to check out Carol's blog: Curb Appeal Huntsville - A Real Estate Blog. Or connect on Google+ where those posts will end up as well.

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Huntsville Alabama has always been a wonderful relocation destination. Jobs, Environment, Activities, Arts, and short distances to other major cities, make Huntsville one fo the ideal cities to move to. We understand there are relocation companies that help, but they are not invested in that client to find an ideal home and the respect & treatment that a real estate agent can provide on a one on one basis. Carol Jacobs understands the relocation process and how stressful it can be. If you want help relocating to Huntsville Alabama, just call Carol at 256-651-7444 and say "Carol, I want to move to Huntsville Alabama. Can you help me with relocation?" Just this single step will set you on a path of a comfortable process of being welcomed into this wonderful community.

We understand that anyone can be unsure when they're deciding to relocate. So here's a few reasons:

Personal Reasons...

...Avoiding foreclosure to move into a smaller home
...Finding the best education available for your children
...Finding a house for the value you're willing to pay
...Lower cost of living after retirement
...Moving to where other family members live
...Moving away from areas especially prone to natural disasters such as harsh, never ending winters, or coastal hurricanes
...Enjoying better weather with family, friends, and being outdoors

Business Reasons...

...Large Knowledge base from local universities in the population, makes it easier to find talented employees
...Huntsville weathered the economic downturn better than other cities
...Better small business ownership environment for growth than other cities which are suffocating their businesses for tax revenue
...Better corporate business environment and calmer climate for better business operations

Relocation Links:
*Huntsville Alabama - City Website
*State of Alabama: Moving to Alabama Page - Contains information on license plates, state demographics, state income tax, property tax, voter registration and locations, jobs, etc
*Huntsville Community Information Packet - Put out by the City of Huntsville, which contains much information
*Welcome to the Huntsville/Madison County Community - Quick and simple information packet put out by the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Always an excellent place to start reading

Huntsville Alabama Real Estate
Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Huntsville Alabama Real Estate
Huntsville Alabama Real Estate
"Huntsville Alabama Real Estate"
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