Are you relocating to Huntsville Alabama?
Carol Jacobs can help you with that! Her immense experience in relocation has enabled her to take advantage of an untapped market. Sure there are companies that help with relocation, but they are not invested in that client to make sure they’re getting both an ideal home and the respect & treatment that an agent one on one can provide. By using her years of experience as both an agent and relocating her family, she is the ideal agent to come for help in relocation to Huntsville Alabama. All it takes is one simple step of calling Carol at 256-651-7444 and saying “Carol, I want to relocate to Huntsville Alabama? Can you help me?” Just this one step will set you up on a comfortable process of being welcomed into the community.

Need reasons to relocate?

  • Avoiding forclosure to scale down into a smaller home
  • Finding the best education for children
  • A house can be found for the value of what you are paying
  • Lower costs after retirement
  • Moving to where the family lives
  • Moving away from areas of natural disasters
  • Better weather to enjoy with family, friends, and going outdoors


  • A wide array of knowledge from local universities in the local population makes finding talented employees easier
  • Unlike other cities which are deeply struggling, Huntsville has done its best to weather the downturn in the economy and has shown its on better footing than its peers
  • Better opportunity for growth than other cities which are strangling their businesses for tax revenue
  • Better opportunity for business to do better with more enjoyable calmer weather

Additional Information on Relocation to Huntsville Alabama as well as Alabama in general can be found at the State of Alabama: Moving to Alabama Page. Here you will find information on license plates, demographics, state income tax, property tax, voter registration, employment, and more. The City of Huntsville Community Information Packet also has great information.

Remember the Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Market is only one part of living here, the other part is giving you the information you need to take care of your household once you arrive. Entertainment, shopping, health care, restaurants are also something to keep an eye on. You can do this through, one of the many news outlets such as WHNT, WAAY,WAFF, Our Valley Events, as well as other web resources. Or you can drive off and explore the city, from downtown Huntsville, to Bridgestreet, to the Carl T. Jones Target Shopping Complex and find the multitude of shopping and restaurants there. Fun and Festivities await, you just have to go experience them.

Video from Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce